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Photoshop Stuff Volume 3 CD

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The Photoshop Stuff Volume 3 cdrom is a great collection of styles, actions, shapes, brushes and templates. The sequel to the successful Photoshop Stuff Volume 1 & 2. If you thought the first two volumes were cool, you won't believe your eyes once you get your hands on volume 3! Photoshop Stuff Volume 3 is based on effects created in Photoshop 7. Some of the greatest Photoshop styles and effects ever created are contained in this third in a series of special cds. A fantastic combination of styles, actions, brushes, shapes and templates should keep you busy discovering the benefits of this cd for a very long time! If you are an experienced Photoshop user or a newbie, you will surely learn to use this cd for graphic inspiration or to cut major time off your project development time. Most effects work with the click of a button! Photoshop Stuff includes some of the most impressive techniques from the best Photoshop Gurus in the world. No Photoshop user should be without this effect packed cd. No previous experience needed! Learn to create the effects you see in magazines, television, brochures, books, billboards and advertisements. It has never been this easy to create stunning graphics! So what does Photoshop Stuff Volume 3 include? 658 amazing styles 39 actions 90 shapes 120 brushes 11 templates And more! All together over 900+ Stuff for Photoshop! HTML based cd!* You can grab anything off the cd through your browser! Contact information for each effect!
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